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       Dec 2004                  Volume 3 Number 12

    Do you hear what I hear?

Each month I talk to expectant parents about sound, music, and singing to newborns. Most soon-to-be first-time parents have no idea that the fetal ear is functional at the beginning of the second trimester. Many do not realize that the baby can hear before birth. Therefore, it is very important to educate expectant parents about the importance of a healthy sonic environment before birth.

When the ear first begins functioning, the fetus can hear his or her mother’s blood circulation, heartbeat, and digestive sounds. That is why new babies (and even new puppies and kittens) often like having a simulated heartbeat in their crib or bassinet. This is apt to be as soothing to them as any recorded music. Imagine the shock of going from a warm, safe environment with a strong steady heartbeat, to a cold, seemingly chaotic environment with bright lights, loud voices, and only intermittent touch.

For many babies it is traumatic, especially those born into poverty; those who are not wanted; or those with parents who are very young and immature. How can we help new mothers, young mothers and parents in general who don’t know about babies’ sonic needs and preferences? We can tell them about the importance of lullabies and soft singing to baby! My CD and Mp3 collection include an assortment of suitable lullabies for newborns and infants. Check them out at

Dr. Alice H. Cash
President, Healing Music Enterprises
3219 Marion Court
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
502/895-7688 (phone) 502/896-7277 (fax)
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    Calming and energizing through toning

Have you ever tried vocal toning? It is an ancient, efficient, practical and free way to calm or energize yourself, depending on how you do it. There are different ways of toning but the simplest way, and the way that I recommend uses the five vowel sounds, AAA, EEE, AHHH, OOHH, OOUU.

Each vowel sound is put on the exhaled breath and the breath is released very slowly, using whatever pitch feels comfortable. While toning, you try to produce as much vibration in your body as possible. You can also do this in three different postures for more variety of effect.

Try it standing, sitting and lying down: each position will produce a different effect of relaxation or energizing. I give toning workshops on a regular basis in Louisville and surrounding areas. If you’d like to host one in your home, school, church or business place, please call or e-mail me. There is also a tape you can purchase from my website that is a live recording of a toning workshop I did a few years ago. All of my products are on sale right now during our holiday special. You might want to stock up!

    Recommended reading from the realms of research

This month several new research articles have come out on the subjects of music and the brain and music medicine. It seems that more and more people are funding these kinds of studies and recognizing the healing and medicinal powers of music. Check out this one on Music and the Brain. As we learn more about the brain, we find new and exciting way to use music. We can now prescribe it in a meaningful way.

 What better gift to give friends and family than CD’s, DVD’s or musical instruments?! My HME Shoppe has all the above plus music books and sheet music. Recently I purchased a small steel drum for a friend and she has had a ball learning to play it. There are quite a few instruments there that require no previous knowledge to play for fun. Click here to go straight to the instruments or here to go to the CD’s, DVD’s and books on music healing.

For the first time, I’m also giving all my subscribers and past purchasers a chance to get some great package deals on my own tapes, book and CD. From now until December 31st you can buy two Tapes and get a 3rd one free! You can also buy my Book and CD and get any one tape for free. The best deal of all is, buy my Book, CD, and all 6 tapes for only $50.00 and save $35.00 off the regular price. To start your holiday shopping for Healing Music Enterprises products, Click here. Remember you can always e-mail me with questions about the products or specific situations that might benefit from music.

December 2004 (exact date and place TBA) Louisville, KY. “Using Music to Fight the Holiday Blues,” “Celebrating with Music” and “Music and Anxiety: Neurotransmitters meet the Jitters” Call 502-895-7688 for info.

January 5-10, 2005 National Speakers Association, “Cancun U” in Cancun, Mexico. Call 502-895-7688 for info.

Please check back as there are many pending seminars around the country.

February 2005, presentation at The Awakening Museum in Santa Fe, NM. Call 502-895-7688 for info.

March 2005, presentation at nurses conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL Call 502-895-7688 for info.

April 2005, presentation in the Los Angeles area Call 502-895-7688 for info.

There are quite a few possibilities on the horizon! Please contact me ASAP if you’d like me to present something in your area. I’m more than happy to work within your group’s budget and will come up with something affordable if I possibly can!

Playing any instrument or singing is always preferable to passive listening in terms of health benefits. It takes no prior training to play many drums and other percussion instruments for fun and enjoyment. If you’re interested in trying a small steel drum, a thumb piano, or a recorder, try an instrument from Apollo’s Axes. You’ll be glad you did!

    Ask the Chantdoc


My mother has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She is in early-mid stages and loves music, especially piano music. The problem is that she is very hard of hearing. Any suggestions? DGC


Dear DGC, one of the things that I have done in the past is to have the patient sit or stand beside the piano as I play. When the patient puts their hands on the back or side of the piano, they can often “hear” through their hands. It sounds strange but the vibrations take the melody and harmony to the brain and ear through bone conduction and the patients love it!

As always, Dr. Cash will set up workshops in Louisville and surrounding areas at special request if a minimum of 10-12 people can be assured.
Current popular topics are:

“Using music with the autistic child”
“Music as a Pathway to Higher Power”
“Wellness through Music: Ten Top Tips”
“Music and Childbirth: the Lullaby Project

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