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                        Healing Music Ezine
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       Aug 2004                  Volume 3 Number 9

    Editorial: Music and the Olympics

The 2004 Olympics from Athens, Greece has been on my television nearly non-stop for the past two weeks. We love watching the gymnasts and runners and even the wrestlers! It is always inspiring to see people using their gifts in disciplined and respectful ways. The example it sets for young children about what is possible when one becomes focused on a dream, is fantastic I think. Of course, the music that accompanies the Olympics is a stirring, triumphant march that millions of people around the world recognize instantly.

I have observed that when an athlete has won a gold medal and is on the award platform, he is thrilled, proud, excited and feeling lots of other emotions. However, when that athlete’s national anthem is played, other powerful emotions take over and many times, tears of gratitude and humility suddenly appear. What is this phenomenon that is so powerful that it causes a reaction almost instantly? As children in kindergarten, we are taught our national anthem and feelings of honor and pride are reinforced every time we hear it. What other positive and healing emotions might we instill in our children through music?

Dr. Alice H. Cash
President, Healing Music Enterprises
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    Music and Surgery: Another success story

This past week, a dear friend of mine experienced a surgery that she was not looking forward to. (But then, who does look forward to surgery?) She had known for some time that she needed to have some large fibroid tumors removed, but did not think she would need a complete hysterectomy until a month before she had it. We talked many times about how she would use music before, during and after the surgery, but she had no idea how glad she would be that she had it ready to go when she arrived at the hospital that morning. My friend had carefully chosen Handel’s “Watermusic Suite” to have playing through headphones during the surgery, but almost as soon as she arrived, things began to go awry. During the wait to be called back for getting into a gown and getting the IV started, she began listening to her chosen music. When she was finally called in, thee staff wouldn’t allow any family members to go with her although all she was doing was changing clothes and she was clearly scared beyond what she expected. They finally did let her sister and me go back but then informed her that they couldn’t find any of her pre-surgery blood work and would have to do it all again! She turned up her music and stuck out her arm for a repeat of the procedure she dreads so much. Shortly after that, a nurse came in telling her that they had found the blood work from three days before. My friend almost started crying but instead looked at us and pressed repeat on the CD Walkman.

Then the anesthesiologist arrived. She was a woman in her forties at most, and was “all business.” There was no smile, no “how are you doing?” nothing. She even began to berate my friend when informed that someone had donated blood for her, saying that she was sure they wouldn’t use it unless it had been typed for an exact match. My friend said “but O+ is the universal donor for other + types and the doctor glared and said “I know that!!!” It was like a scene from a bad soap opera but my friend remained steadfast now with her trusty CD player mostly obliterating the conversation that her sister and I were having with this physician.

Finally, the surgeon entered the room and she was as kind as could be. Soon, my friend was wheeled away and the OR staff assured us they would change the CD to the recovery music once the surgery was finished. This, they did. We never expected these kinks in the process, but my friend has said that the music made such a difference in being able to tolerate these difficulties and that in the recovery room, she was able to recognize the music she had chosen. The familiarity provided comfort and reassurance to her that words could not have provided. Studies continue to come out that document this anecdotal report. Please remember this when you or a friend needs surgery. It is so easy and so worthwhile.

My "Music for Surgery " audio tapes are intended to help prepare you mentally, emotionally and spiritually for surgery. They work well for the preop, operative and postop periods of your surgical experience. I also offer links to amazing music for purchase through Amazon online that can also help significantly. You won't believe the results!

Music for Surgery

Music for Surgery
by Dr. Alice Cash


Water Music
by George Handel


by Claude Debussy


Paint the Sky with Stars
by Enya

September 5, 2004: “Music and healing through the lifespan,” Highland Presbyterian Church, Louisville, KY 9:30 a.m. Free.

October, 2004 (exact date TBA): “The Healing Power of Music” place TBA Louisville, KY and West Palm Beach Florida. Call 502-895-7688 for info.

October 15, 2004 “Toning and Chanting with Addictions,” Santa Fe, NM contact 895-7688 for location and cost.

November 1, 2004 “Music as Medicine” Louisville Free Public Library, Crescent Hill Branch. Contact: Debra Oberhausen Branch Manager, Crescent Hill Library, Louisville Free Public Library, 2762 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY   40206. Phone 502-574-1793

   December 2004 (exact date and place TBA) Louisville, KY. “Using Music to Fight the Holiday Blues,” “Celebrating with Music” and “Music and Anxiety: Neurotransmitters meet the Jitters” call 502-895-7688

Please check back as there are many pending seminars around the country.

Inquire about savings for your group or association if I am already in your part of the country!

Dr. Cash is featured in this interesting Alternative Medicine article by Linda Stahl in the Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, March 11, 2004.

As always, Dr. Cash will set up workshops in Louisville and surrounding areas at special request if a minimum of 10-12 people can be assured.
Current popular topics are:

“Using music with the autistic child”
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“Wellness through Music: Ten Top Tips”
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