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                        Healing Music Ezine
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       June 2004                  Volume 3 Number 7

    Editorial: Can music lead to world peace?

With the war in the Middle East continuing day after day, I can’t help wondering if teaching the children of each country the other’s songs of childhood might help. When I put out a call for questions several months ago, several people were also musing about this. We need to teach children about peace, tolerance, love, and acceptance. Oftentimes it’s the children who end up teaching adults about true unconditional love and acceptance. I’m sure there are songs in every language and from every country about peace, love, and acceptance. What songs do you remember from childhood as being about peace? I remember “Let There be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with me,” “I’ve got Peace Like a River,” “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens. There must be hundreds if not thousands! Let’s try learning some of these and teach them to a child you know. Keep me posted on how it goes!

I also offer some amazing music for purchase through Amazon online that can fill your home, auto and ears with deep peaceful music. It's wonderful to watch children (and adults!) react to these gentle soothing sounds! The selections in the top row act like a cozy sonar massage!! The second row features more lively, enthusiastic music that encourages peace and compassion in young and old.

Inner Peace
by Steven Halpern
cover State of Grace II:
Turning to Peace
by Paul Schwartz
cover Peace Orchestra
by Peter Kruder
cover Deep Peace
by Bill Douglas
cover Teaching Peace
by Red Grammar
cover Universal Soldiers:
Songs Of Peace
Various Artists
cover Peace Songs
by Various Artists
cover World Peace
by Culture

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    Special Topic: Exploring Health and Healing with Music

I just finished participating in a wonderfully exciting conference in Alberta, Canada at Lake Louise. The conference was entitled “Exploring health and healing” and I did two musical presentations. The first was a lecture on “Using Music Through the Life span for Health and Healing” and I talked about (and illustrated at the piano and with CD’s) the use of music from pregnancy and with newborns to end-of-life issues, quality of life and even transition to the afterlife! In between those beginnings and endings, I discussed current research on the use of music with surgery, pain management and addictions. All of these areas are full of opportunities for people to use their favorite music, recorded or live, or to learn how to use their own voices for healing purposes. These topics were well recieved, and I’d be thrilled to come to YOUR hometown and present this.

I also presented a piano recital on Wednesday night of my own favorite healing music from throughout my life. This was a first of sorts and I hope to have it recorded so that I can put it on my website for you to hear. This included compositions by Grieg, Debussy, Schumann, MacDowell, spirituals, hymns, and even some of my own compositions. At the conclusion, my daughter Julia, who is a professional violinist in Boston joined me for a few of our favorite things!

Dr. Cash is featured in this interesting Alternative Medicine article by Linda Stahl in the Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, March 11, 2004. Read the article HERE.

    Ask the Chantdoc

Dear Chantdoc,

I am expecting a baby very soon and am wondering about the advisability of putting headphones on my tummy. What do you think??

M.P., Winona, MN

Dear M.P.

There was a time when we thought that was a good idea, but know that it has been determined that a healthy baby can hear very well during the last trimester, it is not recommended because the volume of headphones can be too much for those delicate ears. Better for Mom and family to sing to the baby from nearby or to just listen to music from speakers or a boom box in the room.

Alice Cash

As always, Dr. Cash will set up workshops in Louisville and surrounding areas at special request if a minimum of 10-12 people can be assured.
Current popular topics are:

“Using music with the autistic child”
“Music as a Pathway to Higher Power”
“Wellness through Music: Ten Top Tips”
“Music and Childbirth: the Lullaby Project

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