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                        Healing Music Ezine
                                              from Healing Music Enterprises
                                     and Dr. Alice Cash

       March 2004                  Volume 3 Number 5

    I. Do a Sonic Spring Cleaning!
About this time of year many of us begin to think of Spring Cleaning. The weather is getting warm, doors and windows are staying open more and there is a strong desire to sweep away the accumulated dust, dirt, and pet hair that gathered over the winter. But have you thought about doing that for your body? Thanks to the powerful technique of vocal toning, we can get the “cobwebs” out of many of our body systems.

Think of your Respiratory system: over the last six months you might have had two or three common colds. You might have even had the “flu.” Sitting or standing with your legs about shoulder’s width apart, take a deep breath from the bottom of your lungs and exhale it very slowly on the syllable “ah” using a tone that is comfortable for your voice. Probably 4 or 5 deep breaths and exhalations on “ah” each morning and evening will begin to clear the lungs and also the mind.

Now lets take the Circulatory system: many of us like to hibernate during the winter and not even stick our noses out if the temperature is below freezing. Therefore, our bodies and our circulation find it hard to get going when Spring first appears. Try some toning on a slightly higher pitch and the syllable “ehhhhhhhhhhhh.” At first just try it sitting in a chair or on the side of your bed. Then as you begin to move around in the morning, continue the toning on that syllable. You’ll find yourself beginning to feel strangely invigorated and more motivated to begin your day happily.

Finally let’s look at the Musculatory-Skeletal systems. Again, winter has done a bit of a number on us and we’re feeling (I’m feeling!) a bit creaky. Every time before you get up from sitting or lying down, take a deep breath and as you lift your body from its resting position, take a deep breath and let it out slowly on the “ouuuuuu”(rhymes with shoe) vowel. When you’re ready to sit again, tone on “ooooooo” (rhymes with toe). You’ll find the soreness disappearing faster and the joints feeling more limber. I do this most every day lately and am beginning to feel the benefits of my “Sonic Spring Cleaning.”