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Healing Music Ezine, July 2001, Vol. 1, No. 1

July 2001 Subscribe: Healing Music Enterprises E-zine Volume 1, Number 1

Healing Music Ezine Editorial

Greetings to all of my friends and colleagues on this wonderful path of healing through music and sound and tones! Getting my website launched nearly a year ago was one of the most exciting events of my life and now, the e-zine! I pledge to you that in each issue I will do my very best to "cut to the chase" and bring you the most recent research highlights of music's power to heal the mind, body and spirit. I also hope to include some facts that might be a little older but that perhaps you didn't already know and could put to good use. I will include recent news articles about how people have used music in interesting ways and will give a brief synopsis of my most recent activities on the road and here in Louisville. It's an exciting life and I want you all to be a part of it. Please share with me your stories of how music has impacted your life in the past and how it does still today. I look forward to hearing from YOU.


Alice H. Cash, Ph.D., LCSW



I. Chantdoc returns from European book tour
II. Book-signing at Hawley-Cooke a huge success
III. Music and Surgery: Haven't you heard?!
IV. Ask the Chantdoc: Question of the Month

Healing Music Ezine News

I. Chantdoc returns from
European book tour

For most of the month of March, Alice was in England, Holland, Germany, and briefly, in France, giving workshops and promoting her new book and CD, "Notes on Tuning Your Life with Music." The lectures and workshops were a big hit with groups in the Southern and Northern parts of England. These attracted large crowds of Brits who discovered that toning and chanting are not only great fun but also are powerful tools for healing and bonding people together. While in England, Alice also had the opportunity to visit her ancestral hometown near Nottingham and was excited to learn that she might be distantly related to Robin Hood and Maid Marian. As Allison Cash, her daughter, said "they're our peeps." While attending a workshop there by the famous healer Jack Temple, Alice was introduced to the President of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, who looked over her book and CD and recommended that they be sent to his editor at Random House in London with his personal recommendation. Exciting! The book and CD can be bought directly off the website directly by download or they can be ordered in hardcopy.

II. Book-signing at Hawley-Cooke
a huge success

After returning from Europe, Alice took a much-needed break from touring to work on some local projects such as the "Comfort Carts" for Deaconess Hospital in Evansville and an article for Kentuckiana Health and Fitness on "Music and Mood." On June 23, she was invited to come to the beautiful new Glenview Pointe store of Hawley-Cooke Booksellers in Louisville and do a discussion and book-signing. To everyone's great pleasure Alice had a full audience who delighted in hearing her tell the story of how she came to write her latest book "Notes on tuning Your Life with Music" and how she choose the music for the CD. Every book of hers was sold that afternoon!

Healing Music Ezine Focus

Music & Surgery: Haven't You Heard?

Some of the most exciting research in music medicine today centers on the concept that patients who are listening to music of a certain type, through headphones, while they are being put to sleep, and during surgery, need up to 50% less anesthesia during the surgery! This is a wonderful awareness because one of the primary things people must recover from during surgery is the anesthesia. Recently Alice has been receiving more and more requests from patients to help them make tapes of appropriate music for themselves to listen to before during and after their surgery. So far Alice has created tapes for patients undergoing back surgery, heart bypass surgery, complete hysterectomies, and numerous small out-patient procedures.



Question of the Month


Chantdoc, I listen to the radio in my car and in my office almost all day long, but I'm wondering how much that really helps me.


You're right to question this NH. Listening to music on the radio is truly of limited value because of all the interruptions for talking. If you like classical music and can find a good FM station that plays extended periods of instrumental, that might be pretty good, but by and large, radio just has too many interruptions and breaks in the continuity of the music to be healing or even very relaxing. I like to listen to the "Oldies" station in my car when I'm leaving work just because it takes my mind off of some of the stressful things I've just encountered during the day and is light and fun! By and large though, the most healing music is live music that live musicians play or that you play for yourself on an instrument or perhaps a CD.

Send in a question that you'd
like Chantdoc to answer next month!

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Healing Music Services

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