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July 2012






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"Using Music in the Hospital"

Dr. Alice H. Cash is often asked to share her
Grand Rounds Presentation with hospitals' doctors and staff.  Learn what is currently happening around the world and the results they are having.









"It was the easiest of all hand surgeries! I was listening to music, then a slight lull of nothing and then back to the music. Wonderfully comfortable. The best surgical experience yet. I am honored to know, worked with and utilized Dr. Cash's magnificent creation. I do hope the medical field understands the import of her invention!"

Sheryl Soderberg
Louisville, KY

RIP Sheryl Soderberg:  after a lifetime of surgery and pain, Sheryl Soderberg passed away July 21st, 2012.  She will be missed by her many friends and family.  She brought great joy and great music into our lives
















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In This Issue: 

   News Item  

Another Olympics with Powerful music

Although I definitely enjoy and appreciate these amazing sporting event, I also really look forward to hearing the many and varied national anthems that are played at each medal ceremony.  


Click Here If You Can't See Video

The emotion-stirring qualities of a national anthem have so many common denominators, and yet each one sounds quite different!  It still astounds me that so much musical variety can be derived from the seven basic components of music, i.e. melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, timbre, texture and dynamics.  Within those simple parameters, music miracles can be created!

What do they all have in common?  Well, I just listened to half a dozen or so on You Tube, and many of them have quite a bit of brass and percussion.  Snare drums, tympani and crashing cymbals seem to be always present, but them there are the rich strings, at times, as our own "Oh Say Can You See?" incorporates. 

Most are in a major key, but every now and then I hear one in a minor key and it is also quite effective!  Listen to Israel's and Australia's national anthems on You Tube and you'll find that they are quite beautiful and effective, even in the minor key.  Many people wrongly assume that something in a minor key will sound "Scary" or "sad."  Not necessarily so!

I believe that one of the main ingredients of a national anthem, the one that makes the athletes inevitably tear up on the stand, is the familiarity and the associations the athlete has with that melody and those words!  He or she has probably heard it since kindergarten, at least, and associates it with a moment of intense pride for homeland and all the people who have fought and worked to make it what it is...whatever that might be!  No matter whether it's a third world country or not, the athletes of that country swell with pride, when they hear their national anthem played by an orchestra, and this year, it's the London Symphony!  Wow!!

Just take note, as you watch the Olympics, of the emotional reactions, starting with a smile, and then softening into some tears and emotion as the music continues.  It's a beautiful thing!

   Healing Music Blog

Music and the Olympics:  the Role of Music

Click Here If You Can't See Video


It’s been a wonderful evening of watching the opening of the 2012 Olympics, and I can’t help wondering if they would be nearly as powerful without the music. This theme that I’m sharing with you is now the most famous music ever composed for the Olympics. It is recognized by people all over the world, men, women and children as “the” music from the Olympics! The famous theme by movie composer, John Williams. This man is probably the Mozart of our time and will be remembered for hundreds of years to come. He has the sheer genius to write theme after theme for “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” “Superman,” “Jaws,” “E.T.” and many more.

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  Surgical Serenity: In the News Again

Musicologist uses Mozart, headphones to reduce need for meds before and after surgery

MedCity News, July 5, 2012 by Veronica Combs

Surgical Serenity headphones are designed to make pain and anxiety medications less necessary and to give a person going into surgery more control over the experience. Dr. Alice Cash programs the headphones with music designed to help a person relax. The patient listens to the music at home before the surgery, during the surgery and continues wearing the headphones into the recovery area.

“The music the patient needs — slow, steady comforting — is the opposite of what the doc needs. Plus the patient doesn’t need to hear the doctor’s music or the conversation going on around them,” she said. “There is also a large placebo effect – knowing you have a safe cocoon can lower anxiety and lower blood pressure.”

“The goal is less anxiety meds before the surgery, less anesthesia during, and fewer pain meds after.”

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    Surgery and Music Blog

Surgery Headphones continue to help people get through surgery with fewer problems

When the surgery headphones were conceived in 2005, there had already been 15 years of preparation. Starting in 1990. we were beginning to be aware at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, that music before and after surgery were powerful ways of decreasing anxiety and pain, as well as stabilizing blood pressure, body temp and mood.

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    Brain and Music Blog
Learning to play music benefits the brain:  Neuroplasticity


(NaturalNews) Northwestern University scientists have pulled together a review of research into what music — specifically, learning to play music — does to humans. The result shows music training does far more than allow us to entertain ourselves and others by playing an instrument or singing. Instead, it actually changes our brains.

The paper, just published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, is a compilation of research findings from scientists all over the world who used all kinds of research methods. The bottom line to all these studies: musical training has a profound impact on other skills including speech and language, memory and attention, and even the ability to convey emotions vocally.

So what is it that musical training does? According to the Northwestern scientists, the findings strongly indicate it adds new neural connections — and that primes the brain for other forms of human communication.

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    Alice H. Cash
For nearly two decades, I've been helping people use the music that they already love to heal their lives and increase their wellness quotient!  I am one of the world's only clinical musicologists and hold  a Masters degree in piano performance, a Ph.D. in musicology and a Master of Social Work in clinical social work.  I am also a licensed clinical social worker. I work with people and diagnoses of all kinds, enabling them to find healing, acceptance and hope.

I love performing, researching, and teaching and have put them all together in a career called "Music Medicine."  Won't you join me on this exciting path?

See you next month!!

 Alice Cash        

Dr. Alice Cash is much in-demand as a keynote speaker.  Are you looking for a dynamic and inspiring speaker who is on the cutting edge of information and research on

              Music and the Brain

Music and Surgery

Benefits of music during Pregnancy and Childbirth

Alzheimer's Patients and the Magic of Music

Alice will customize these presentations for your audience, and as a licensed psychotherapist and Ph.D. in music, she can offer CEU presentations for doctors, nurses, social workers and therapists of all kinds.

If you want a speaker that will attract people from a 100-mile radius of YOUR city and deliver the goods, contact us today.  Alice will tailor the presentation to your audience and your needs.  Contact us through www.HealingMusicEnterprises.com/speaker.html


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