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Summer 2012






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"Using Music in the Hospital"

Dr. Alice H. Cash is often asked to share her
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"It was the easiest of all hand surgeries! I was listening to music, then a slight lull of nothing and then back to the music. Wonderfully comfortable. The best surgical experience yet. I am honored to know, worked with and utilized Dr. Cash's magnificent creation. I do hope the medical field understands the import of her invention!"

Sheryl S.
Louisville, KY
















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In This Issue: 

   News Item  

In Memoriam:  Don Campbell, 1943-2012

It is with great sadness that I tell my readers about the passing of one of my main mentors in Music Healing, Don G. Campbell.  Don was a wonderful teacher and a brilliant author and presenter.  You probably know him for his best-selling book, "The Mozart Effect."  After that book came out in the mid-1990's it was rapidly followed by multiple CD sets that presented Don's chosen music for babies, children, and adults, using what he knew about how music of all kinds affects the mind and the body.

Don was a proud Texan, but spent some of his teen years in France, studying with Nadia Boulanger, while his father was in the diplomatic core.  After graduating from North Texas State, Don taught in Japan at an American School there and became aquainted with Eastern music and healing modalities.  Eventually he settled in Boulder, Colorado and started his Institute for Music, Health and Education.  It was about this time, in the late 1980's, that I met Don when he came to one of my classes at the University of Kentucky, School of Music, and talked to our graduate seminar about his new book "The Musical Brain." 

In 1991, our paths crossed again when we both attended at workshop in Phoenix, AZ on "The Healing Power of Gregorian Chant,"  presented by the world-renowned Dr. Alfred Tomatis.  Shortly after that, I attended one of his summer intensive seminars in Boulder and soon was invited to be on the faculty of that Institute, a job I accepted with great pride.

I was already a great believer in the healing power of music, but this opened my eyes to the fact that there were many, many people in the world who had written books on the topic and devoted their lives to using music as a healing modality.  Don was a great role model for me of someone who took a different path from traditional music therapy and yet had respect from many music therapists.  Don's brilliance enabled him to speak the languages that brought together musicians, medical personnel of all kinds, spiritual leaders, psychologists, anthropologists and journalists. 

Don's presentation skills were such that he regularly presented keynote speeches to conferences around the world and collaborated with people such as Joan Borysenko and the Dalai Lama.  His over 20 books include such titles as "Music:  Physician for Times to come," "Music and Miracles" and "Healing at the Speed of Sound."

When Don was diagnosed with pancreative cancer in late January, we all knew that we had only a few months left with him.  Don chose to share his journey with all of his students and fans through the website www.caringbridge.com and you can still there and read his brave and inspiring posts.  He chose to call his cancer "pancreative cancer" rather than "pancreatic."  Don will be greatly missed.  His wit, his kindness to others and his amazing energy and love for the healing powers of music and especially Mozart, will live on for a long, long time!

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   Healing Music Blog

Some Patients in Coma Can Awaken with Music

After suffering a brain hemorrhage, 7-year-old Charlotte Neve slipped into a coma. The British girl was unconscious for several days and doctors feared she wouldn’t recover. Her mother, Leila Neve, was at her bedside when Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” started playing on the radio. Leila and Charlotte often sang the song together and Leila began singing along.

Then something remarkable happened: Charlotte smiled. Within two days, she could speak and get out of bed. Why does music seem to help “awaken” some people from their comas?

“It was a salient stimulus, something that she is familiar with, like [her] name,” says Dr. Emery Neal Brown, professor of anesthesia at Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School and professor of computational neuroscience at MIT.

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  Surgical Serenity Music Offer
In this particular ezine issue we wanted to offer our readers and past customers a chance to get the proprietary surgical music at a very special price...

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This is the original Surgical Serenity playlist that has now been used in hospitals all over the world.  You can download this music into your own MP3 device and use it for surgery, relaxation, labor and delivery, or insomnia.  We can't leave this link up for too long, though, because it is a best-seller.

If you've been wanting to have the Surgical Serenity music, but for whatever reason, didn't want it right then, NOW is the time to get it!  Just follow this link:

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Notice: You are purchasing proprietary music. The entire playlist is protected under the copyright laws of the United States. You are purchasing "Single User" Rights. You may use the music yourself or give it to another individual; You may not duplicate, sell, distribute, or make this music available in any form to more than the purchaser or the individual for whom you purchased this music.

The above statement is not intended to frighten you away - Our Legal department insisted on stating your rights for use of this copyrighted music. If you would need additional copies, you may purchase as many as you would like.  You may also contact us (see bottom of ezine) to set up multiple use rights from 1 up to ordering pre-loaded headphones with your logo imprinted on the ear piece.

Reg. $99.97, NOW $49.97

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    Surgery and Music Blog

Preparing for Surgery: Three easy things you can do today

No one really wants to have surgery. If you must though, for a life-threatening condition or a life-enhancing procedure, there are a few easy things you can do to help yourself and greatly improve your outcome:

1. Starting today, begin eating light and healthy foods that are easy to digest. Especially if you go under general anesthesia, all of your systems slow way down…like peristaltic action? The easier to digest foods you eat today, the happier you’ll be after your surgery.

2. Make sure that you have some frozen casseroles in your freezer, or friends lined up to bring in food for the week after surgery. You may not be able to get up and down easily and you certainly can’t get to the grocery or stand on your feet cooking. Ordering pizza or Chinese food is highly NOT recommended either. Stock your cabinets and fridge now with simple foods that are healthy and easy to prepare. We like fresh fruit, yogurt, scrambled eggs, salad fixins and lean turkey or chicken.

3. Begin putting together a playlist of your favorite soothing, comforting music for your iPod. Studies have shown that listening to favorite calming music before your surgery can greatly decrease the amount of anxiety medication you’ll need. Listening to slow, steady, simple music during surgery can help maintain blood pressure and breathing and listening to favorite, slightly more upbeat music after surgery can decrease pain meds and overall recovery time. You can make your own playlist, or order our pre-programmed headphones on this page.

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    Brain and Music Blog
Three basic emotions evoked by Western music affect people everywhere, regardless of culture or habits

Three basic emotions evoked by Western music affect people everywhere, regardless of culture or habits, a new study shows.

People in Africa who’ve never listened to a radio can still pick up on happy, sad, and fearful emotions in Western music, researchers say in the journal Current Biology.

These emotions in music can be universally recognized, says Thomas Fritz of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. “These findings could explain why Western music has been so successful in global music distribution, even in music cultures that do not as strongly emphasize the role of emotional expression in their music,” Fritz says in a news release.

In some musical traditions, music is appreciated for qualities other than emotions, such as group coordination rituals, the researchers say.

Fritz and colleagues, including Stefan Koelsch of the University of Sussex, set out to determine whether the emotional aspects of Western music could be appreciated by people who had no prior knowledge of it.

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    Alice H. Cash
For nearly two decades, I've been helping people use the music that they already love to heal their lives and increase their wellness quotient!  I am one of the world's only clinical musicologists and hold  a Masters degree in piano performance, a Ph.D. in musicology and a Master of Social Work in clinical social work.  I am also a licensed clinical social worker. I work with people and diagnoses of all kinds, enabling them to find healing, acceptance and hope.

I love performing, researching, and teaching and have put them all together in a career called "Music Medicine." 

See you next month!!

 Alice Cash        

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