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October 2011





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"Using Music in the Hospital"

Dr. Alice H. Cash is often asked to share her
Grand Rounds Presentation with hospitals' doctors and staff.  Learn what is currently happening around the world and the results they are having.








"It was the easiest of all hand surgeries! I was listening to music, then a slight lull of nothing and then back to the music. Wonderfully comfortable. The best surgical experience yet. I am honored to know, worked with and utilized Dr. Cash's magnificent creation. I do hope the medical field understands the import of her invention!"

Sheryl S.
Louisville, KY















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In This Issue: 

   News Item  

Healing Music Enterprises presents free 3-hour workshop

Thanks to a grant received by Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church, I will be presenting a free 3-hour workshop on Saturday, November 12, 1:30-4:30.  I'll be teaching with Heidi Poth Tracy, violinist for 32 years with the Louisville Orchestra.  Our program is entitled "Rhythm, Tone and Vibration to increase and maintain health and wellness."    Heidi and I have been presenting workshops on drumming, toning and chanting for health and wellness for over a year now and have been invited to Atlanta, Florida and many other places. 

The workshop will be equal parts experiential and lecture and we will allow plenty of times for questions and answers.  

Having healthy, strong bio-rhythms is crucial to good health and, through the process of rhythmic entrainment, you can create rhythms with instruments or just your hands or voice that will strengthen internal rhythms and lead to better health.

You will also learn about the vibrations that permeate your entire body and each organ and all of your bones.  With your own voice you can speed up the vibrations that can lead to healing and increased health and wellness.  Through a combination of videos, recorded and live music, you will learn to use rhythm, sound and vibrations to feel better and achieve better balance of mind, body and spirit.

To register for this workshop, go to http://www.brpres.org/SHCRegistration.htm .

   Healing Music Blog

When Music helps when all else fails.

Published on September 28, 2011
by Susan R. Barry, Ph.D. in Eyes on the Brain

My 89-year-old father lives three miles from me in an Assisted Care home. Like many of the other residents, he can barely walk and is terribly withdrawn. It is a struggle to find ways to bring even a small amount of pleasure into his day. But reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks gave me an idea.

Dr. Sacks wrote movingly about the effects of music on his patients, which made me wonder if music could help my dad. Every night, all through my childhood, my father played his violin. When my sister and I were too agitated to sleep, he would come into our bedroom and play us to sleep. During my mother’s last decade, my father played for her every night which calmed her Parkinson’s tremors and allowed her to drift into slumber. In a sense, my father had been our family’s music therapist. Perhaps, I could find a music therapist for my dad.

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  10 Basic Concepts of Healing Music

Learn How Music "Heals"

Using 3 different presentations we will offer you 10 concepts. You will learn just how music can change and improve your everyday life.

Additional Information

Baby Boomers Presentation $   19.97
Mozart Presentation $   19.97
Music & Mind-Body Course $   47.00
The Sampler $   19.97

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$ 106.91

Package Price  $ 37

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    Surgery and Music Blog

Surgical Serenity Headphones: Wireless or Cordless?

When people contact me about helping them use music during surgery, my first recommendation is always the pre-programmed, cordless headphones I have created. When I first had the idea to create cordless, pre-programmed headphones, back in 2005, the term “wireless” was not nearly as associated with “wireless network” as it is now.

My intention was to have headphones that were entirely “self-contained” and not dependent on being tethered to an iPod or any other transmittal device. I just figured that it would be one less thing for surgeons and anesthesiologists to worry about getting tangled up with their equipment!

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    Brain and Music Blog
Healthy Music = Healthy Life

Everyone knows that music makes then feel good. Generally music makes you feel better than you did before you started listening. Music often creates good feelings that are so irresistible to me and I have to jump up and start dancing! Seriously! My dog looks at me with the most puzzled look!

I’ve always wanted to know exactly what music does to my brain and my mind and body. Here is a delightful and interesting excerpt from an article online: Music appears to be processed in the right hemisphere of the brain. The way we experience music also affects our nervous system.

There are different neurons that respond according to what kind of music is playing. Music can effect hormones, encourage the production of cortisol, testosterone, and oxytocin. Music can even trigger a release of endorphins.

Beyond the biology and the actual responses of your body, there are definite responses of the mind as well. You’re aware of how you feel when you listen to music, but how do you know that it’s actually having any sort of effect on you? There is scientific evidence of the way it can affect your mind! It’s clearly more than just a suspicion — it’s fact!

The most famous experiment related to this is probably the one that was performed at the University of California at Irvine. College students were assigned to three different groups. The first group listened to Mozart’s sonata for Two Pianos in D Major. The second group listened to a relaxation tape. The third group listened to nothing at all.

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     Bobby's List


    Alice H. Cash
For nearly two decades, I've been helping people use the music that they already love to heal their lives and increase their wellness quotient!  I am one of the world's only clinical musicologists and hold  a Masters degree in piano performance, a Ph.D. in musicology and a Master of Social Work in clinical social work.  I am also a licensed clinical social worker. I work with people and diagnoses of all kinds, enabling them to find healing, acceptance and hope.

I love performing, researching, and teaching and have put them all together in a career called "Music Medicine." 

See you next month!!

 Alice Cash        

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