Febuary 2011

In This Issue:
  • Lullaby Power Used Here
  • Surgical Serenity Headphones attracting more attention from more hospitals
  • Dr. Cash reveals tentative schedule for 2011
  • About Alice Cash

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     Lullaby Power Used Here

I am writing this month's ezine from our nation's capitol, Washington, DC.  My second grand-child and second grand-daughter was born just a week ago and of course I got here as fast as Southwest would allow!  She arrived healthy and sound and with a birth weight of 8 lbs, 12 oz.  Of course she is beautiful and sweet as can be.

Her father is also a musician and they played music to her throughout the pregnancy, including her birth.  Already, she responds quickly to the familiar melodies she has been played and opens her little eyes to see where it's coming from.  Both her parents are quite musical and she has already heard music for hundreds of hours since her birth on February 19.  It is so clear that it makes a big impression on her and she often will stop crying immediately and look toward the music.

Of course I am singing and humming my lullabies to her and my daughter played the lullaby CD before she was born so she definitely recognizes these melodies.  Like many newborns, she has her days and nights turned around so lullabies are important to calm and soothe her, though they may not immediately put her to sleep.

If there is a baby or newborn in your life, please consider getting either a Lullaby CD or a download of the lullabies.


     Surgical Serenity Headphones being introduced into more and more hospitals
Our surgical serenity headphones hit an all-time high in sales during the month of February.  Although word-of-mouth is probably the main way that people find out about them, our surgery blog and our regular blog also inform many people of their existence and importance.

This month we've had sales from California, Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, among others!  It appears that when patients arrive for their surgery with our headphones in hand, the doctors and hospitals see how effective they are and then want to find out how the hospital can use them on a daily basis.

Of course we want to get them into every hospital in the world but that will take time.  Having my patent in place provides a lot of security, but there will surely be copycat competitors in the near future.  If you want to invest in the headphones now, that is a definite opportunity.  Contact me immediately for more information. Headphones


   Headphone Study at Louisville V.A. Hospital on-going

 The V.A. Hospital here in Louisville is conducting a medical research study on our headphones to determine how much less anesthesia and pain medication is used by patients having abdominal surgery.  We are quite excited about what they are finding but can't reveal any information until the study is officially finished.  If you are interested in conducting a study at your hospital or clinic, let us know and we can help propose many ideas for possible protocols.  Until next month, keep your brain and body well-fed with healing music! here


  Dr. Cash will come and speak for YOUR association, conference, university or church

Speaking is something that I love to do because for me, speaking is a form of teaching that allows me to reach far more people than if I were still a college professor.  Although I love being associated with colleges and universities, I also love the freedom of being able to fly anywhere in the country or the world to be a keynote speaker on "The Healing Power of Music."  I have received invitations from as far as Hawaii, Spain, and Turkey and always try to fulfill these invitations and deliver more than I'm asked to deliver.  I consider that the knowledge and experience I have acquired is something to be shared and experienced by as many other people as possible! 

I am always happy to stay in private homes and come when the fares are affordable.  I consider myself to be a sort of "music healing missionary" and love to travel to far-away or remote places as well as the major cities and highways and by-ways of life!  I can tailor my talk to your group's specific needs and requirements and will offer the most reasonable fee that I possibly can.  Please don't assume that your group can't afford me.  I will work with you to make it happen.  Just visit www.HealingMusicEnterprises.com/speaker.html and then let's talk!

See you next month!!

Alice Cash

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     About Alice Cash
For nearly two decades, I've been helping people use the music that they already love to heal their lives and increase their wellness quotient!  I am one of the world's only clinical musicologists and hold  Bachelors and Masters degrees in piano performance, a Ph.D. in musicology and a Master of Social Work in clinical social work.  I am also a licensed clinical social worker. I work with people and diagnoses of all kinds, enabling them to find healing, acceptance and hope.

Many people assume that I am a music therapist but I am not.  I was trained originally as a concert pianist, then as a musicologist, then as a clinical social worker.  I love performing, researching, and teaching and have put them all together in a career called "Music Medicine."  However, the field of music therapy is much better known and has degree programs and credentialing  that is very valuable and important. 

 To hear me speak, and watch me in action "is to have a day that will amaze, educate, motivate, and inspire you!"  (Joanna Driver, meeting planner in England)  To hire me as a keynote speaker for your association or organization click here

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