August, 2009

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     A Brief Editorial Music Medicine
Music as Medicine.  People have known for thousands have years that music is a powerful mood changer, whether to make people happier, more energetic, or calmer, but the idea of music as healing is a little harder for people to wrap their minds around.  One problem?  Define "healing."  Better yet, re-define "healing."  Healing is not synonomous with "curing."  Healing refers to the easing of symptoms and a movement toward wholeness.

But music can actually create physiological changes in the body, in addition to energizing to calming it.  Medical research (i.e. in hospitals and clinics, conducted by professionals) has shown everything from an improvement in immune systems after 1 music therapy session to the disappearance of tumors after electronic sound therapy!  One of the pioneers in sound therapy, Dr. Hans Jenny proved that sound vibrations have the ability to re-arrange grains of sand on a laboratory slide and do so exactly the same way when the same pitch is played! 

Although these two studies probably represent the two polar opposites in music medicine and sound healing, I believe that they are both valid and both important.  If you're new to the field, check it out!  My website covers quite a few of the areas in which music can be healing but there are many other wonderful sites!

The whole point of using music through headphones during surgery is to decrease the amount of medications you need before, during, and after surgery, by keeping the body relaxed and stabilized through the power of entrainment.  Read about these headphones now at

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    Healing Headphones:  New Uses
There are now so many people who are aware of my "Surgical Serenity Headphones" that they are beginning to send my new ideas for how the headphones could be used!  One idea is to program them with the music that so greatly benefits patients diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  I've been doing quite a bit of research on this phenomenon and the result is that steady music with a march-like beat to it, assists Parkinson's patients with their gait and their coordination!  In my own personal experience, it also boosts their mood almost immediately.  I'm sure part of that is just the intense joy of being able to walk normally again!

I've begun programming some of the headphones then for Parkinson's patients as well as people awaiting surgery!  The price will be the same as the other headphones, but do note the discount mentioned below!

My long-term goal is to get the headphones into every hospital but for now, I will sell them to individual patients for $147.97 or to groups or organizations at a 20-50% discount.  I'm talking to a couple of big churches right now about buying them for their member care programs or their Healing Music Libraries.  Think about whether or not this would be right for you or an organization you belong to.

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   The Truth About Mozart's Death!

Yes, I know!  In the movie "Amadeus," Mozart was said to have been poisoned to death by one Antonio Salieri, a rival contemporary composer of Mozart.  However, this month, a story emerged on CNN about another that is much more likely to have happened:  Mozart likely died during a strep throat epidemic that was sweeping through Europe at the time!.. . (see   Of course it's not nearly as romantic or exciting but it really does make a lot of sense.  Such a shame too as many musicologists agree that Mozart was the greatest musical genius that ever lived!  Mozart is the only composer who mastered every genre he attempted:  opera, concerto, sonata, chamber music...all are works of sheer genius!  Imagine if there had been penicillin and antibiotics then!

If you're interested in knowing more about Mozart and the so-called Mozart Effect and how to implement it, go immediately to

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     About Alice Cash
For nearly two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has been helping people use the music that they already love to heal their lives and increase their wellness quotient!  Dr. Alice Cash is one of the world's only clinical musicologists and holds a powerful and unique set of credentials.  She has worked with people and diagnoses of all kinds, enabling them to find healing, acceptance and hope.  To hear her speak, and watch in her in action is to have a day that will amaze, educate, motivate, and inspire you!  To hire Alice for your association or organization click here

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