January, 2009

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   A Message From Dr. Alice Cash: 
  I'm sitting her in Louisville, KY where every twig, leaf, and branch is covered with about an inch of ice and then a couple more inches of dry, fluffy snow!  Many people have no power and school has been called off all week.  I feel very fortunate to have had power, heat and plenty of food all week because so many in our state do not.  It's the second major weather disaster we've had in the past six weeks with the first one being a hurricane back in September that knocked power out to Louisvillians for 10 days, in some cases.  Has music helped to keep me warm and thaw my fears about losing power?  You bet!  I not only played the piano for awhile each day but I've listened to lots of CD's I hadn't heard for years as well as listened to new music and even did a little drumming to warm up my office!  Music is so powerful and so over-looked as a tool for mood-changing and fear-dispelling.  Give it a try!  Also be sure to check my Music and Surgery Blog regularly!

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   Healing Music being used with many, diverse populations
  Everyone today has access to so many sources of music...from iPods to car stereos to your computer, TV, and radio, all kinds of music is readily available and can be used for healing purposes.  Remember that when we say "healing," it is not synonymous with "curing."  Big difference.  Healing refers to the amelioration of symptoms.  People find more acceptance with what is going on with them and stop fighting the symptoms and actually work with the symptoms, sometimes with music or art or humor.  There are so many different complementary therapies today that are accepted by the medical community that most people would not even have enough time to try them all.

Luckily, music healing is usually pretty easy to implement.  The following list is greatly over-simplified, but will give you a taste of how music is being used with many different populations:

  • Pregnancy, infants and preemies:  singing to your unborn baby has been proven to create security after the baby is born.  If baby is born prematurely and mother has been singing to her, this provides a powerful source of healing to the preemie and typically they gain weight faster, stabilize their vital signs faster and leave the hospital up to 5 days sooner.  For more info go HERE.
  • Parkinson's and Stroke patients:  Today, many physical rehabilitation centers employ music therapists in addition to physical, occupational and speech therapists.  There are hundreds of research studies that document how much can help both Parkinson's and stroke patients to walk, talk, and get back to a more normal life.  For more info go HERE.
  • Music and Surgery:  if you've been reading my articles, ezines and blogs at all, you know that this is now my big focus.  The benefits of using music through headphones during surgery has been well-documented and can give you a much safer and more pleasant surgical experience.  To read more, go HERE.
  • Alzheimer's Disease and music:  Many of you have probably observed that as we age, we seem to love the music of our youth more and more.  This is doubly true of Alzheimer's patients as their present is becoming less and less meaningful to them and they drift back into the past.  Alzheimer's patients often have tremendous anxiety and depression and the music of their youth and childhood can provide a sense of familiarity and control that is otherwise unavailable.  For more info, go HERE.


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   What are the benefits to downloading your healing music files?
   Today the world is trying very hard to "go green."  We're all trying to conserve natural resources and get our lives organized and less cluttered.  One of the main reasons that the world is getting more and more online is because it saves trees, by saving paper.  When it comes to sound files, MP3's are a lot "greener" than buy CD's and DVD's.   Digital technology is making progress by leaps and bounds.  When I came up with the idea of wireless, pre-programmed headphones in January of 2005, they literally did not exist.  Now they do and you can go right down to Best Buy or other such places and buy them off the shelf tomorrow! 

   I'm trying to create new products for you every 4-6 months and I'm working very hard to make sure that they're all downloadable.  Occasionally, people have never downloaded a whole CD, or eBook, but once you click on the link I send you, all you have to do is decided where to save the file.  I usually save it to my desktop or My Documents or My Downloads.  It is really quite simple, especially if you have a fast internet connection.  One of the many benefits of downloads is that you know exactly where they are at all times, unlike CD's, tapes, and books!  They don't collect dust and they do last forever!  I've created a new downloadable course this year, Music with Alzheimer's Disease, a new eBook, "Toning, Chanting, and Drumming for Health, Wellness and Fun, and of course my most exciting product ever, "Music for Surgery," a series of 20 specially chosen tracks that have been sequenced in the perfect order to get you through surgery with peace, serenity, steady biorhythms and less anesthesia.


The internet is now surpassing brick and mortar businesses as the place to buy and sell whatever you need, including books, music, clothes, travel, even cars.  After many years as a performer, professor, and professional speaker, I never dreamed that I would be running three websites and 23 blogs, but here I am and I love it!  Many people have asked me how I do all of this and I must say that I honestly believe that if I can learn to do this so easily, so can YOU.   If you're interested in becoming an online entrepreneur, please email me HERE as soon as you can!  Let 2009 be the year you get your own online business going and enjoy being your own boss and doing the work you love!

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   About Alice Cash
For nearly two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has been helping people use the music that they already love to heal their lives and increase their wellness quotient!  Dr. Alice Cash is one of the world's only clinical musicologists and holds a powerful and unique set of credentials.  She has worked with people and diagnoses of all kinds, enabling them to find healing, acceptance and hope.  To hear her speak, and watch in her in action is to have a day that will amaze, educate, motivate, and inspire you!  To hire Alice for your association or organization click here.

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