July, 2008

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   A Message From Dr. Alice Cash:  Chantdoc Takes Her Own Medicine!
    They say "life is what happens when you're making other plans!"  Well, I had some fun plans for this past Monday night...namely, getting this already belated ezine out to you.  Admittedly, I had been feeling a little under the weather and just tired and a little light-headed.  I had a dental appointment anyway so while I was there I asked them to check my blood pressure.  It's been up a little in the past.  Well, they did and it was not a pretty picture so off I went to the ER to get some tests.  I ended up spending the night in the "chest pain" unit and now I'm set up for a stress test on Monday.  Nothing serious but I was made painfully aware of how awful a place a hospital is to get any sleep or even just rest!  Wow!  Bleeps and blips of monitors all night long and doctors who come in in the middle of the night, turn on all the lights and want to chat!  I kept thinking "why oh why didn't I ask someone to bring me my iPod, but it happened so suddenly and I was thinking more about my toothbrush and clean clothes for the next morning!  What if every hospital unit was equipped with inexpensive headphones (like an airplane gives out) and an intra-hospital radio station that played calm, soothing music?  Wouldn't that be great?!  I'll send a digital product to everyone who sends me their thoughts, experiences or ideas about music in a hospital.  Thanks everyone!

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   Music Healing in the News!
   There have been so many wonderful stories out over the past couple of months, I thought I would just share a half dozen or so with you, my readers.  Hopefully there will be something for everyone here!  If you want to know about a specific medical issue, let me know and I'll look into it for you!  Enjoy!

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The internet is now surpassing brick and mortar businesses as the place to buy and sell whatever you need, including books, music, clothes, travel, even cars.  After fifty years as a performer, professor, and professional speaker, I never dreamed that I would be running three websites and 23 blogs, but here I am and I love it!  Many people have asked me how I do all of this and I must say that I honestly believe that if I can learn to do this so easily, so can YOU.  There is serious income to be made online, even if you do not know a thing about it right now or have a product to sell.  If you're interested in getting into making a little money online, please email me HERE as soon as you can!  I'd love to help you!

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   About Alice Cash
For nearly two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has been helping people use the music that they already love to heal their lives and increase their wellness quotient!  Dr. Alice Cash is one of the world's only clinical musicologists and holds a powerful and unique set of credentials.  She has worked with people and diagnoses of all kinds, enabling them to find healing, acceptance and hope.  To hear her speak, and watch in her in action is to have a day that will amaze, educate, motivate, and inspire you!

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