March  31, 2008

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   Announcing our New Blog!
Greetings from Healing Music Enterprises.  I am so excited to let you all know tonight that I have finally created a blog on my website!  You can access the blog by going to!  Sound easy?  It really is.  What is the difference between my ezine and my blog?  My ezine comes out once a month but I'll be posting to the blog almost daily.  I will soon have a place for you to sign up for the blog just as you did for the ezine and my mailing list but because I'll be posting to the blog almost daily, I don't want to assume that you want that much mail from me.  Of course if you're as interested in the healing power of music with babies, elderly, babyboomers, surgery, Alzheimer's, and sound healing as I think you are, you'll want to sign up.

The world of internet marketing is expanding rapidly and it is very exciting because worlds and universes of information are opening up that were previously unknown or inaccessible.  It can be overwhelming but also very enlightening and valuable.  You just have to pick and choose carefully!

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   Healing Music Enterprises Has Moved!!
Healing Music Enterprises and Healing Music Academy have moved to a new address in Louisville.  We are now located at 2720 Frankfort Avenue, Suite 3, right next door to Carmichael's Bookstore.  It's a fantastic location, between a bookstore and an ice cream shop and two doors down from Heine Bros. Coffee Shop.  The next class this Spring will be on Saturday, April 12th from 2-4 and will be called "What makes music healing?"  The cost is $25.00 at the door and $20.00 in advance.  To register email me at or call me at 502-419-1698.  We will define melody, harmony and rhythm as they are used in healing music.  No previous musical knowledge or experience necessary.

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    An excerpt from "Your Brain on Music"
   "Many people who love music profess to know nothing about it. I've found that many of my colleagues who study difficult, intricate topics such as neurochemistry or psychopharmacology feel unprepared to deal with research in the neuroscience of music. And who can blame them? Music theorists have an arcane, rarified set of terms and rules that are as obscure as some of the most esoteric domains of mathematics. To the nonmusician, the blobs of ink on a page that we call music notation might just as well be the notations of mathematical set theory. Talk of keys, cadences, modulation, and transposition can be baffling.  more

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   About Alice Cash
For close to two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has devoted her professional life to the promotion of music for healing and wellness. She is a clinical musicologist and licensed clinical social worker who speaks to physicians, nurses, psychotherapists and medical personnel. Her keynote presentations are sought after by business executives, clergy, public service agencies, colleges and Universities.  Invite Dr. Cash to speak for your organization.  Click HERE.

Dr. Cash brings the unique qualifications of a concert pianist, a college professor, a medical researcher and clinical therapist. Learn how to introduce healing music into your life.

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