Febuary  28, 2008

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   A Message From Dr. Alice Cash
February has been a busy and exciting month for healing music in the news.  There are so many stories on television, internet, magazines and newspapers that it appears that the public is beginning to realize and appreciate the power of music to create cohesion among groups of all kinds.  Tonight on NBC News I saw yet another story about a high school band director in a very poor section of Cleveland.  This man has given this students something that no one else ever had...meaning, purpose, discipline and love.  Kids that would otherwise be in a gang are instead in a fantastic musical ensemble that gives them a joy and satisfaction otherwise unknown and unavailable to them.  I appreciate all the people that alert me to these wonderful heart-warming and inspiring stories.  You all are the greatest!!!

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   Healing Music Enterprises Has Moved!!
Healing Music Enterprises and Healing Music Academy have moved to a new address in Louisville.  We are now located at 2720 Frankfort Avenue, Suite 3, right next door to Carmichael's Bookstore.  It's a fantastic location, between a bookstore and an ice cream shop and two doors down from Heine Bros. Coffee Shop.  The first class this Spring will be on Saturday, March 15th from 2-4 and will be called "Ingredients of Healing Music:  What to look for."  The cost is $25.00 at the door and $20.00 in advance.  To register email me at chantdoc@healingmusicenterprises.com or call me at 502-419-1698.  We will define melody, harmony and rhythm as they are used in healing music.  No previous musical knowledge or experience necessary.

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   New York Philharmonic Goes on a diplomatic mission to North Korea
   A story that was all over the news the week concerned the peace-making trip that the New York Philharmonic is currently on to North Korea.  Is it possible that music can do what words cannot?  Of course!  And this isn't the first time that music has been used in our time to calm and soothe the ragged edges of a world torn by fears of nuclear war.  There is even a phenomenon known as "Dvorak Diplomacy."  I think most people believe that music is an international language and transcends the native tongue of humans.  The sound of children or women or men singing in unison or singing in harmony simply touches the hearts of people.  Seeing and hearing an orchestra of people of all nationalities and all colors, creating harmony and playing together is also a humbling experience.  When countries and peoples are angry or upset, they don't invite groups of politicians to come over and talk...they invite musicians!  To read more about this, go HERE

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   About Alice Cash
For close to two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has devoted her professional life to the promotion of music for healing and wellness. She is a clinical musicologist and licensed clinical social worker who speaks to physicians, nurses, psychotherapists and medical personnel. Her keynote presentations are sought after by business executives, clergy, public service agencies, colleges and Universities.  Invite Dr. Cash to speak for your organization.  Click HERE.

Dr. Cash brings the unique qualifications of a concert pianist, a college professor, a medical researcher and clinical therapist. Learn how to introduce healing music into your life.

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