October  31, 2007

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   A Note From Dr. Alice Cash

     Halloween has rolled around again and the spooks and goblins are out in full force!  Today already I have seen vampires, witches, gremlins, and the entire Munster family!  How does music fit into Halloween?  Very nicely, thank you.  The powerful strains of the mighty Wurlitzer can be heard in dark, dusty, musty places all over the world.  The playing of xylophone-like melodies on dry bones can be felt in the rustling leaves.  Ghosts haunting the air and ghouls and witches cackling as they stir their cauldrons, all create the sonic caffeine that makes up all Halloweens!  Be careful out there this evening!  And have some good, scary, fun!!
   Music, Sound, and Addictions
      There seems to be a lot in the news these days about growing problems with alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction and drugs, both street drugs and prescription drugs.  Our society also has lots of problems with addictions to food, gambling and sex.  I've had patients to tell me that they believed it was not possible to be addicted to anything that is "natural" in the world, i.e. pot, sex, and things that grow or that we're born to do.  Unfortunately this is not true.  Any experience that is mood-altering and makes you temporarily forget emotional or physical pain can be addictive.

     What does music have to do with this?  Music, sound and vibration are also mood-altering.  That's probably one reason that people talk about "sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll" in the same breath!  Music therapists and music healers use music and sound in many forms to help people who have decided that they want to "be in recovery" and give up addictive chemicals or compulsive behaviors.  One of the things I do with patients is to take songs that talk about the "fun" and "good times" people have getting drunk and getting high and change those words to the fun and good times they have dancing sober and getting fit through sports or fitness events.

     Another sonic intervention is the use of vocal toning...making long vowel sounds on the exhaled breath to get through craving periods and times of obsessing about engaging in addictive or compulsive behavior.  I am been using this with patients for nearly 20 years and it is very effective and so easy! 

     Music is powerful!  If you are having a problem with an addiction or compulsive behavior, please contact me and let me assist you in getting into recovery.

   New ebooks and CD's almost ready for holiday release
     Several weeks ago I asked your advice about the CD's and eBooks you would most like to have available for the winter holiday season.  As a result, I will be recording a CD of holiday favorites for calming and serenity and a CD of favorite classical piano music for calming and serenity.  The holidays are stressful under the best of circumstances and if you can have a musical oasis to visit for a few minutes each day, that's what I want to give you!  The ebooks will focus on "Drumming for Health, Wellness and Fun" and "Tune Your Relationship with Music."  There is a fairly could chance that I will also have two DVD's available:  "The Healing Power of Music" and "Babyboomers and Music:  An Inseparable Connection." 

    So as you do your holiday shopping, whether online or in person, remember that lasting gift of healing music for your friends and family!  See you next month!

   About Dr. Alice Cash
For close to two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has devoted her professional life to the promotion of music for healing and wellness. She is a clinical musicologist who speaks to physicians, nurses, psychotherapists and medical personnel. Her keynote presentations are sought after by business executives, clergy, public service agencies, colleges and Universities. 

Dr. Cash brings the unique qualifications of a concert pianist, a college professor, a medical researcher and hospital therapist. Learn how to introduce healing music in your life.


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