May 25, 2007

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   A Note From "The Chantdoc"
I'm looking forward to a wonderful May!  I'll be in Sarasota, Florida to visit a former student, family members and my original mentor for music medicine, Dr. Arthur Harvey.  Dr. Harvey is largely responsible for my being in this field today and has done amazing work in this field himself.  Just Google his name to learn more about him!  For Mother's Day, I'll be meeting my own mother in the mountains of N.C. to spend some quality time and enjoy reminiscing.  To see some interviews I have done with her, please go to  You'll definitely be entertained!
   Mother's Day and Music
On Mother's Day I always think of my own dear mother and how grateful I am to her for singing to me when I was little and encouraging my own musical talents.  She never failed to ask me to play the piano and sing for company that would come to visit.  She saw that I had some excellent teachers and that I got to go to music camp in the summers.

I know that both of my parents sacrificed so that I could get top-notch instruction.  My mother never had to make me practice and sometimes took away my practice time so that I could clean my bedroom more to her satisfaction.  Of course it had the effect of making me want to practice even more! 

My mother is now in her ninth decade but she still loves music and says she is very proud of me.  She gives my CD's and books to all of her friends and has been responsible for me getting some great speaking engagements.  You'll find her picture scattered through my blogs as well as on the YouTube site!  Here's to you Tumpy!  Maybe by next year you'll be a great-grandma and I'll be a grandma!

And then there's my three fantastic daughters.  They all love music and my oldest is a professional violinist.  I'm extremely proud of all of them and took them to concerts from infancy on.  They all play the piano and love all kinds of music.  What better gift can a mother give her children than a genuine love for music and the opportunity to study it growing up.  Happy Mother's Day!!

   Healing Music Focus:  Lullabies
It seems that the logical focus this month would be lullabies.  For thousands of years women have sung to their infants and lulled them to sleep.  The fact is, it is probably equally pleasurable to mother and child.  When I go out to speak around the country and around the planet I always love to hear the stories that audiences tell about the lullabies their mothers sang to them and the wonderful, positive effect it had on their lives.  Not surprisingly the concept of mother's singing to their unborn children has been studied and researched extensively.  The research documents the powerful bonding that takes place between mother and child when the mother sings from about the second trimester of pregnancy on through childhood.  MY youngest daughter, up til age twelve or so would ask be to sit beside her bed and sing to her.  I have wonderful memories of my father singing with my sister and me at bedtime, sometimes the songs he had learned in the Army.  We thought it was great fun, if not particularly sleep-inducing.

Lullabies, nursery rhymes and songs in children create powerfully good memories in children and adults and make as good an heirloom as any piece of jewelry or furniture.  They don't have to be insured and never need polishing or cleaning!  Singing lullabies and other songs is a wonderful inter-generational activity.  Children are hungry just to have the undivided attention of an adult.  So sing to your baby, sing with your children and grandchildren!  It's free and creates vibrations of healing love.  Happy May!

   About Alice Cash
For close to two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has devoted her professional life to the promotion of music for healing and wellness. She is a clinical musicologist who speaks to physicians, nurses, psychotherapists and medical personnel. Her keynote presentations are sought after by business executives, clergy, public service agencies, colleges and Universities. 

Dr. Cash brings the unique qualifications of a concert pianist, a college professor, a medical researcher and hospital therapist. Learn how to introduce healing music in your life.

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