April 2007

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  • Back from New York City
  • Speaking at Lutheran Medical Center
  • Do Some Sonic Spring Cleaning
  • About Alice Cash

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   Back from New York City
     Last week was a peak experience week in my life.  On April 3rd I went to a fantastic concert in Carnegie Hall at which my youngest sister was the conductor.  She was poised, magnetic and totally in sync with her orchestra.  The orchestra followed her every baton stroke with a sensitivity that is rarely seen in high school students.  The parents of these high school students were also obviously thrilled with the performance and the way their young men and women conducted themselves on stage and in New York at large.  The orchestra played Concertino #1 in G major, by Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer, Rumanian Folk Dances by Bela Bartok and Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. 

     Carnegie Hall was absolutely packed and my 81-year old mother and another sister were in a beautiful box on the Grand Tier.  I sat on the main floor right in the middle toward the front and could see Cathie's beatific expression as she walked out on the stage of Carnegie Hall, as serene and focused as I have ever seen anyone.  Brava to Cathie and bravo to the Norcross High School Orchestra!

   Dr. Cash speaks at Lutheran Medical Center
     On Thursday April 5th, I was invited to address the OB/GYN Grand Rounds at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn.  My topic was "The Importance of Music with Pregnancy, Preemies, and Newborns."  The assembled audience of nurses, doctors, and medical residents was eager to hear the research I presented and especially the research on preemies and the powerful assistance music provides, especially if the mother has already been singing to the unborn baby.  They were also largely unaware of the development of a musical pacifier that plays 10 seconds of lullaby when the preemie exerts the slightest pressure on the pacifier.  As a result of this musical reinforcement, the preemie sucks more and develops his sucking muscles and therefore gains weight faster.  It was quite a fascinating set of studies by Jayne Standley of Florida State University and I'm hoping that this hospital as well as others will look into it.
   Do Some Sonic Spring cleaning
    Because I want as many people as possible to have access to my CD's, my lectures, and my online and onsite classes, I will offering a Spring into Health with Music and Sound special in the next few days.  If you need to do some physical, emotional, or spiritual cleaning, think about using music.  It will get rid of the cobwebs as well as the latest cleanser or medication and it will do it with no side effects or contra-indications.  Be watching your inbox for this exciting offer from Healing Music Enterprises!
   About Alice Cash
     For close to two decades, Dr. Alice Cash has devoted her professional life to the promotion of music for healing and wellness. She is a clinical musicologist who speaks to physicians, nurses, psychotherapists and medical personnel. Her keynote presentations are sought after by business executives, clergy, public service agencies, colleges and Universities. 

     Dr. Cash brings the unique qualifications of a concert pianist, a college professor, a medical researcher and hospital therapist. Learn how to introduce healing music in your life.


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