February 2007

Ever since the research on "The Mozart Effect" came out about a decade ago, books, CDs, and articles have been coming out by the dozen!  Of course parents and teachers want their children and students to do as well as possible in school and in life, but can music really make you smarter?  As a mother, a therapist, and a professional musician, I don't really think so.  HOWEVER, there are many, many studies showing that children who take music lessons and who are exposed to classical music, do better in school and often, in life.  Does this mean that music has made them smarter?  Of course not!
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   Singing lullabies to your baby is one of the most natural things a mother does.  However, sometimes, people tend to underestimate the power of simple things.  In this case, the research is there:  singing to your baby, both before and after birth, creates a bond that is the foundation of healthy relationships. read more...
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I believe that the discipline involved in studying music carries over into studying any subject and the earlier lessons begin (usually no sooner than age 5 unless it's Suzuki lessons) the sooner the mental organizational abilities are begun.  There's also the factor of playing great music which is highly organized and structured.  Researchers believe that listening to this music helps people organize their thoughts and their thinking better.  Makes sense to me!  If you're interested in know more about this, read my blogs below...they're free!  Or order one of my CD lectures on "Why Mozart?" or "The Healing Power of Music"
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