November 2006

Welcome to all my new readers who joined my list when I spoke at Indian Hill Music School outside of Boston on November 28th.  We had a wonderful two hours together and they are well on their way to starting a Music and Wellness program for the Littleton, MA area.

Are you searching for information on how to use music for wellness, healing, enhanced learning, or even childbirth?  Please remember that I have blogs on all these topics and a lot more.  I post to one or two of the blogs nearly every day so

Did You Know?
   Singing lullabies to your baby is one of the most natural things a mother does.  However, sometimes, people tend to underestimate the power of simple things.  In this case, the research is there:  singing to your baby, both before and after birth, creates a bond that is the foundation of healthy relationships. read more...
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 there is always new information there.  You can go there and ask questions or make comments.  All of this is absolutely free!  I want everyone to know about the power of music and to understand that YOU can learn how to use the music you already love to make your life better.  Links to blogs are below; links to my products are to the left,  You will find more products on my site  I also have online classes you can take which are emailed to you and you can have a personal consultation to discuss your personal situation and how music can improve it.
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