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Healing Music Ezine
August 2005


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Special Back-to-School Issue of Healing Music Ezine

  1. Back-to School Music

  2. Two BRAND-NEW CD’s from Dr. Cash, ready to be mailed to YOU!!

  3. New Format for Ezine Coming soon

  4. New website being launched right now!

I. Back-to-School Music?
School bells are ringing, children are singing and the bees are still stinging! Where did the summer go?? Schools are starting earlier and earlier and no one really asks whether we like it or not so we go back to school as told. When the weather is still hot, and the pools are still open and inviting, we need to have some really good motivation in order to get our kids into the desk and into the evening homework. How about a few good songs or tunes that send a positive message and motivate kids to want to learn? Music is one of the FUN things that kids do at school. And it’s educational too! If you haven’t read about how music helps to organize the brain, please read Mozart. Music can play such an important role in everything from motivation to accelerated and improved learning. For too many kids, back-to-school is a time of fear and dread because of low self-esteem and past history in school. For these children, individual attention from parents, relatives, kindly neighbors, and teachers is not only helpful, it’s essential. Is there music for self-esteem? Of course! There is a group called NAS that has written a chant called “I know I can.” It is performed by kids and one adult teaching them about self-esteem. It is done in rap style and I like it a lot. It is readily available if you’re interested in buying or listening to it. The lyrics can be found at There are also lots and lots of other songs from generations of people around the world. I highly recommend learning to search this kind of thing online. There is no limit to what you can find on Google and The main thing is, spend time singing with kids! You know how you learned the ABC’s by singing the Alphabet Song? We all did, and now there are songs for multiplication tables, states of the U.S., the counties of many states, and most anything else you can imagine. If your child is having trouble learning some specific facts, put it to music. It doesn’t even have to be original. Use a pre-existing tune if you want to. Nobody will care (as long as you don’t try to sell it or claim that you made it up!). For high school students, put on Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance and talk about all they can do when they’re out of high school and ready to step into the “grown-up world.”

II. Two Brand-New CD’s
I have just finished producing two brand-new CD’s for my readers and online friends. The first is called “Music for Memory Care” and is all piano music from the 1900’s, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. It is mostly the popular music that your mother, grandmother, or even great-grandmother grew up singing and is the music that people who are losing their short-term memory can still recognize, sing along to and enjoy when other opportunities for enjoyment have faded because of memory loss. It’s also just a lot of fun for anyone who loves this era of music to sing along to, put on at home during the day or perhaps in the car and remember “the good old days.” The second CD is “Lullabies for Healthy Mother-Baby Bonding.” This CD has 25+ lullabies from different countries but mostly the U.S. or England. They are purely instrumental (i.e. no singing) but are intended just to teach mother some easy and beautiful lullabies that are easy to sing and will help establish and strong and long-lasting relationship with mother. Ideally the lullabies can be sung from the second trimester of pregnancy on. You will probably know most of them; one of them I composed myself just for this CD. It is the first lullaby on the CD. Shortly I will have an eBook to accompany each CD and hopefully by Christmas I will have a DVD on which I talk to you about the power of music with babies, Alzheimer’s patients, people preparing for surgery , and addictions. Each area will have its own CD, DVD, ebook, and then online course. So, stay tuned, and if you’d like to get the CDs now, they will be for sale on the website shortly, or just let me know you want either or both.

III. New format for ezine
Hopefully, many of you got my email a few days ago in which I announced that I’ve decided to change from a general ezine to four targeted ezines. There will be one each on music and babies, music and memory care, music and surgery, and music and addictions. Ideally one will come out each week. Because I do occasionally like to talk about another area of music healing in addition to the four main areas, I may have one general article each month that will appear in each zine, along with the targeted article. You will receive a link soon so that you may subscribe just to the zines you have a particular interest in. If you want all four that’s fine. If you want none of them, that’s OK too! I just want everyone to get what they need and are interested in.

IV. New website now launched!
I am very excited to announce to all my readers that I now have an additional website! It is called Dr. Cash Prefers and is intended to give you my best recommendations on music vendors for sheet music and music books, musical instruments of all kinds, free online piano lessons and more. There are also two other sections that may be a little puzzling to some of my readers, so let me tell you what I had in mind.

Over the past several years I have been hearing more and more about the “Prosperity Mindset,” and how we all can have most anything we want if we believe that we can and are willing to do some serious work. As a therapist I know that so many people are trapped in a “scarcity mode.” They believe that there is only so much money, success, great jobs, and good luck to go around. These people are invariably pretty unhappy and pessimistic folks. Often they feel that life has already passed them by. Having a prosperity mindset doesn’t mean being a Pollyanna or living in “La-La Land.” It’s more about looking at the world through some really different glasses and understanding that we ALL have gifts and talents that someone else out there needs and wants. If you’ll just read a little bit of Randy Gage’s story I think that you’ll be quite impressed and interested in learning more.

The online culture today is huge! Every day more people are getting their news, planning their vacations, buying theirs cars and finding their jobs online. There is very little that you can’t do online. People I meet in Louisville and elsewhere are always asking how I got my business started online. I feel as though I have spent literally millions of hours online over the past eight years learning about how to put not only articles and books online, but also how to get the search engines to pull up my site when people are searching for information on healing music and healing uses for music. This section of the site is intended to show you some of the merchants I have used to create my site or are getting ready to use to create ebooks, online courses and multiple ezines.

I also want to put my CD’s online for people to buy and tapes of my many workshops and other presentations. Therefore, the second and third sections are all about getting started with a website and an online business (eBusiness), like I did If you’re not interested in this, just ignore it, but my experience has been that there are so many free online courses offered about how to get started and how to use automation so that it basically runs itself once you get started. I am very excited about all of this because it means I can spend more time writing, creating new products and courses for YOU and less time do drudgery work online.

Many of the website helper folks and the prosperity sites too have great free offers for you. They range from free ebooks to free courses and special reports. I’d be very happy to answer questions about any of this if you want to email me.

Again, if you’re not interested or don’t intend to step into the world of online business, that’s fine. At the very least though, check out the free piano lessons on the music associates site. I actually tried some of them so that I could improve my playing by ear and it was a lot of fun and helpful too!

That’s all for this month folks. Stay tunes for periodic news flashes about products and events!

Your online music consultant.

Dr. Alice H. Cash Aka “chantdoc”

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  • Teachers

  • Medical personnel

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Please feel free to send in your questions to . Also, please forward this to anyone who might be interested. If this was forwarded to you by a friend, and you'd like your own subscription, please subscribe by going to and sign up for your own free subscription.


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