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                        Healing Music Ezine
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       Jan 2005                  Volume 4 Number 1

    Chantdoc Attends Amazing University in Cancun, Mexico!

Dear Readers and Students of HME,

I have just returned from the most fantastic conference in Cancun, Mexico, sponsored by the National Speakers Association. I actually started this month’s ezine while lying by the gorgeous azure Carribbean and drinking a refreshing tropical concoction from a coconut shell. I have new Cancun photos up this month on my site viewable in my Photo Album. I also would love to share with you some exciting, life-changing news about what I learned there. Some of the world’s most successful inventors and information marketing gurus were there teaching us how to think in a whole new way that will change the way we purvey the information on which we are experts.

My head is so full of ideas that I thought I’d get a few out to you and ask for your feedback. Because this is so critically important to me, I’ve decided to offer a free autographed copy of my book “Notes on Tuning Your Life with Music” AND a tape of your choice, to anyone who will complete a short questionnaire telling me about your specific needs and interests in Healing Music. Please be assured that all information shared on this survey will be kept strictly confidential. To access the questionnaire, please click on the link below.

Time has expired

Dr. Alice H. Cash
President, Healing Music Enterprises
3219 Marion Court
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
502/895-7688 (phone) 502/896-7277 (fax)
502/419-1698 (mobile)

    Cancun University: Inventions and “WOW” Ideas

One of the classes I was taking at “Cancun University” was a class entitled “Product Innovation.” Many of you know that I am extremely interested in the use of music during surgery. I met an inventor there, who was on the faculty, and who has expressed interest in collaborating with me on my invention. Stay tuned for the exciting news on this project. It could truly revolutionize how surgery is done in our country! I’m also hoping to produce videos and DVD’s on this topic that would included step-by-step instruction on how the process works and interviews with surgeons and anesthesiologists on the validity of this idea. Again, really exciting stuff! While in Cancun we had the hosts of the “Million-Dollar Idea Show” (which is about to go nationwide) come and host a show with us presenting our ideas. See my Photo Album for a photo of me presenting my idea that day. Everyone LOVED the idea and can hardly wait for the product!

    Recommended reading from the realms of research

Recently, several new research articles have come out on the subjects of music and the brain and music medicine. It seems that more and more people are funding these kinds of studies and recognizing the healing and medicinal powers of music. Check out this one on Music and the Brain. As we learn more about the brain, we find new and exciting way to use music. We can now prescribe it in a meaningful way.

What better gift to give friends and family than CD’s, DVD’s or musical instruments?! My HME Shoppe has all the above plus music books and sheet music. Recently I purchased a small steel drum for a friend and she has had a ball learning to play it. There are quite a few instruments there that require no previous knowledge to play for fun. Click Here to go straight to the instruments or Here to go to the CD’s, DVD’s and books on music healing.

Saturday, January 29th 5-7 PM “Toning and Chanting for Health and Wellness” 2410 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville 40206. Call 502-419-1698 to register. $20.00 per person

Saturday, February 19th 5-7 PM “Music with Infants and Babies” 2410 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville 40206. Call 502-419-1698 to register. $20.00 per person

Tentative dates:

February 2005, presentation at The Awakening Museum in Santa Fe, NM. Call 502-895-7688 for info.

March 2005, presentation at nurses conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL Call 502-895-7688 for info.

April 2005, presentation in the Los Angeles area Call 502-895-7688 for info.

May 2005, presentation in the Seattle, WA area

There are quite a few possibilities on the horizon! Please contact me ASAP if you’d like me to present something in your area. I’m more than happy to work within your group’s budget and will come up with something affordable if I possibly can!

Playing any instrument or singing is always preferable to passive listening in terms of health benefits. It takes no prior training to play many drums and other percussion instruments for fun and enjoyment. If you’re interested in trying a small steel drum, a thumb piano, or a recorder, try an instrument from Apollo’s Axes. You’ll be glad you did!

    Ask the Chantdoc


Alice, I’d really like to know more about rhythm and how it affects a person’s emotional state. What do you think about having a soft drumbeat playing when a person is trying to rest or calm down?


Sounds like a great idea to me! Rhythm is the basis for so many things in nature: day and night, the seasons, the tides, the heartbeat and breathing. When one has a steady, calm rhythm to their day and their life, things go smoother. I would definitely give this a try. Probably there are some people that would not like this or would prefer a drumbeat to be in the background of music they like. Then there are the recordings of rhythmic waves, lapping the shore. Basically, anything with a slow, steady pulse will be relaxing and will slow down your heartbeat, your breathing and your mind. Good question!

As always, Dr. Cash will set up workshops in Louisville and surrounding areas at special request if a minimum of 10-12 people can be assured.
Current popular topics are:

“Using music with the autistic child”
“Music as a Pathway to Higher Power”
“Wellness through Music: Ten Top Tips”
“Music and Childbirth: the Lullaby Project

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