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Boosting Your Energy With Music

Anybody need an energy boost? "Of course!" you say! We're all pretty much aware of the advertisements on television and in magazines for energy-boosting foods and drinks. There are also quite a few pills, capsules and powders that one can take, but what about a completely natural booster? One that is basically free and doesn't cause you to consume any calories or ingest caffeine or other addictive substances? There is one, readily available in our day to day lives. Yes, that would be music!

Humans have been using music since earliest times to stir up energy in the body and excite the neurons in the brain. Even in prehistoric times, early man and woman knew the power of drums and how they could alert many people at once that "something was brewing" and that they needed to marshal their forces. Today music is used in all kinds of arenas for energizing. Everything from jazzercise and aerobics classes to the pep bands at sporting events. Imagine how dull a sporting event would be without the band and the cheerleaders. Many women tell me that they definitely have their own favorite Rock N' Roll or Boogie-Woogie (or whatever their generations energizing music was) that they put on when they have to do some quick house-cleaning. Factors in the music that lead to the increase in energy include:

  1. Fast tempo
  2. Louder Volume
  3. Brighter instruments (like brass or piano or percussion)

When the body is exposed to these factors, the heart begins to beat faster, breathing quickens and the electrical energy in the body simply flows faster. It is a physiological phenomenon that happens whether we want it to or not. Luckily, we usually need the physical boost. When one has a physical task to do, bracing music can be just the ticket! Yes there are instances when it can be offensive. If you're trying to rest or sleep, or have a quiet dinner and loud, blaring, fast music suddenly enters your realm of awareness, it is quite jarring and obnoxious. That's the beauty of headphones. Everyone can listen to their own chosen music and not offend.

At my health club, I see many people of all ages listening to music (I assume) through headphones. I would love to know all the varied things they are listening to, but I guess I never will. Please feel free to write me and let me know what YOU listen to when you want to energize yourself. I'd really be interested to know!

About Author Dr. Alice Cash: Helping people to use music for Healing and Wellness. Dr. Cash stresses the use of music for health, learning, motivation, relaxation, energy building, or well-being. She is known internationally for her work with music and pregnancy, surgery, addictions, and Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Cash can be reached through Healing Music Enterprises. (www.healingmusicenterprises.com)

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Boosting Your Energy With Music; Dr. Alice Cash  

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