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How to know when to use music with surgery

Each day, all over the world people are having surgery of all kinds. Most people assume that they will have anesthesia and they rarely question whether they really need it or how much they might need. and yet the fact is, anesthesia carries its own dangers and one of the three things that people must recover from after surgery is the anesthesia. When you have surgery you must recover from the cutting that is done, from the anesthesia that brings most of your bodies systems to a grinding halt and then you must recover from whatever caused you to need the surgery! Anesthesia is so potentially dangerous that the field or anesthesiology was created to study this problem and attempt to make it safer.

What if there were a solution that was so simple that most people totally overlook it but are finally beginning to recognize and acknowledge its potential? Well, there is! There is ample and significant clinical research documenting that when people listen to their favorite relaxing, calming and soothing music through headphones during surgery that they can take up to 50% less anesthesia. Impressed? Many surgeons, anesthesiologists, and operating room staff are quite impressed. The reason for headphones is that the music enters the brain directly through the eighth cranial nerve and at the same time blocks out sounds and conversation in the operating room that can be disconcerting and anxiety provoking.

Research suggests that when the patient listens to slow, steady, purely instrumental music before, during, and after their surgery that they require less anesthesia, less anxiety medication before their surgery and less pain medication after their surgery. This in turn allows the patient to be discharged sooner, heal faster, and save thousands of dollars to hospitals, patients themselves, and insurance companies. Not only that but music carries no risks whatsoever. Please feel free to contact me if you want more information about how you can use music with your own or a friend or family member's surgery. You will not regret it.

Dr. Alice H. Cash is a clinical musicologist who has devoted much of her career to researching the healing powers of music and teaching professionals and patients about using music for health and wellness. Her website http://www.HealingMusicEnterprises.com has been viewed and enjoyed by people around the world.

You may reproduce Dr. Cash's articles as long as your use the complete version without editing including the last paragraph.

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