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Notes for Tuning Your Life With Music

Dr. Cash now offers her informative, easy to understand book, "Tuning Your Life with Music" and a 17 track CD sampler to help you learn to use music to improve your health, frame of mind and well-being. People of all ages will enjoy this introduction to the amazing properties of music for healthy bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

The book is available in two formats:

Book: ($19.97)
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eBook for immediate download,
PDF format, 547 kb
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The CD Sampler is available:

CD: ($19.97)
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Book Table of Contents

An Introduction to Healing with Music

  1. Music Healing: A Brief Overview
  2. Choosing Music you like the Best
    - Selected Musical Categories
  3. Characteristics of Healing Music

Music through the Life Span

  1. Music for Pregnancy and Childbirth
  2. The Importance of Lullabies
  3. Toddlers and Early Childhood
  4. Kindergarten and Early Elementary
    (age 5-7)
  5. Late Elementary School (age 8-10)
  6. Teenagers and Young Adults
  7. Music for Life's Special Occasions:
    Graduations, Weddings, Holy Unions
  8. Music in Middle Age and Life Transitions
  9. Music for the Well Elderly
    Music for Specific Health Challenges
  10. Music for Surgery
  11. Music and Pain Management
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Arthritis
    • Migraine
    • Back Pain
    • Cancer Treatment
  12. Music with Anxiety and Panic Disorders
  13. Depression
  14. Alcohol and Drugs
  15. Music with the Dementia or Alzheimer's Patient

Toning, Chanting and Drumming:
Ancient Tools for Modern Times

  1. Toning
  2. Chanting
  3. Drumming

Music for Spiritual Development

  1. Music and Spirituality


CD - Mp3 Sampler Tracks

  1. Introduction to Healing with Music
  2. Introduction to Alzheimer's Pieces
  3. Pretty Baby
  4. By the Sea
  5. My Buddy
  6. School Days
  7. Moonlight Bay
  8. If You Were the Only Girl in the World
  9. Introduction to Lullabies
  10. Mama's Song
  11. All Through the Night
  12. Slumber Boat
  13. Brahms Lullaby
  14. Kentucky Babe
  15. Introduction to Chant
  16. I Am A Strong Woman /
    We are a Circle
  17. We All Come From The Goddess /
    Where I Sit in Holy
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