Using Music with Surgery:

  A Patient Guide

Are you having surgery anytime soon?

If so, you must hear about the amazing breakthrough in this field. This discovery could revolutionize the operating suite as we know it. What is it? Something that has been around for decades, centuries, millennia.

Itís music, but not just any music. This program will describe in detail the music that you want to take into the operating room and then will provide you with a generous sample of this music.

Dr. Alice Cash

This music is performed by Dr. Alice Cash, a concert pianist and clinical musicologist who worked at the University of Louisville School of Medicine for almost a decade, conducting research on musicís power to heal, then worked at a large med-surg hospital in Louisville for another eight years.

"I describe the exact types of music you will want to discuss with your surgeon before your operation." ... Alice Cash

This program includes an in-depth interview with Dr. Cash and will instruct you on how to bring up the matter with your surgeon and anesthesiologist, the facts that the doctors will want to know and how to prepare to use the music. Donít wait another day to get this exciting and revolutionary program.

Benefits of Surgery Plus Music:

  • Up to 50% less anesthesia needed because body is already relaxed
  • Pulse of music stabilizes bio-rhythms so that less medical intervention needed
  • Listening to patient-chosen music through headphones enables patients to need less anxiety medication prior to surgery
  • Listening to patient-chosen music through headphones enables patients to need less pain medication in the recovery room
  • Headphones block out sounds of OR chatter or surgical cutting, drilling, sawing, etc.
  • Patient leaves hospital sooner, a benefit to patient and hospital.

Before your operation, listen to Dr. Cash's interview; learn what music will benefit your surgery and recovery process!

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